Ring Gaskets

Ring Gaskets

Ring joint gaskets are precision manufactured metal ring joints predominantly used in high pressure oilfield applications, as well as in refining and processing plant.

SNLEE carries API-6A Monogrammed R-Oval, BX, RX, and combination ring joint gaskets.

All ring gaskets are available in low carbon steel and 316 stainless steel.

Petromec Rubber-Tip test rings (R and BX).

Components are:

PTFE inner rings – for placement in the cavity between flanges bore and ring joint to reduce turbulence and flange erosion.

Flange protectors – for installation around the external diameter of flange joint to minimize ingress of moisture and dirt.

Rubber coated ring joints – soft iron ring joint gaskets encapsulated in nitrile rubber for testing wellhead assemblies and valves. Rings can be reused and do not damage flange grooves.

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