About us

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Salt and Light Energy Equipment distributes a wide range of cost-effective products to the oil and gas industries both regionally and internationally. We are well-known in the global oil and gas equipment service industry for carrying the highest quality resources and offering full-fledged services that meet the diverse needs of our clients. We strive to showcase leading design concepts and provide high-quality products engineered with precision, implementing the utmost attention to detail and efficiency in our work and our processes.

Client satisfaction, along with quality products, are our highest priorities. Our networks are comprised of teams with extensive industry experience, and as we partner together we consistently demonstrate a commitment to excellent execution in relationships and product delivery. We strive for transparency in every process, procedure, and work order, fostering trust and maintaining long-term relationships with clients. We have earned trust and respect among the industries we serve and grown many client relationships.

Salt and Light Energy Equipment sells Wireline Pressure Control equipment for the wireline service industry, including manual and hydraulic BOP, tool traps, grease injection heads, ball check valves, pack offs, lubricator risers, test subs, lifting clamps and hangers, and transportation skids. We distribute a complete line of wellhead systems and equipment, including various components, valves, heads, spools, gaskets, plugs, gauges, and other wellhead consumables.

Salt and Light Energy Equipment also distributes flowline equipment products, systems, and services to oil, gas, and process industries worldwide. Our products include manifolds, pup joints, sand separators, test separators, flare stacks, plug catchers, frac stacks, and spares and repair kits.

Salt and Light Energy Equipment additionally sells high quality tubing, casing pipes, and heavy weight drill pipe/drill collars for the oil and gas drilling industry.

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