Wireline Hydraulic BOP

Wireline Hydraulic BOP

The actuators of Wireline Hydraulic Blowout Preventer manufactured by SNLEE are built up with manual backups. Quick coupled hydraulic cylinders, allowing fast removal of cylinder for ram or seal redress. These are available in dual, triple, and quad configuration with various standard IDs.

A Single Hydraulic Wireline Blowout Preventer can be used in combination with other blowout preventer to provide extra functions, such as Shear, seal and Gripper rams.

A dual hydraulic wireline blowout preventer may offer two sets of similarly configured slickline rams, the second set may be used as backups.

A Triple Hydraulic Wireline blowout preventer may configure with two similar sets of slickline rams in the upper and central positions plus a set of Shear and Seal rams at the bottom, offering back up and security.


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